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TaTSi = Circus & sports in academia in Tampere

Kerhon esittely suomeksi (an introduction in finnish)

TaTSi is a circus club for people studying or working at the universities in Tampere (TAU and TAMK). Our main purpose is to make circus as physical and mental exercise known among the academic people in Tampere and to provide facilities as well as guidance for this hobby.

The full name of TaTSi is Tampereen Teekkareiden Sirkuskerho, which means "The circus club for technical students in Tampere". Thanks to SportUni, our services are nowadays available to most of the academic people in Tampere. However, because of the history of the club, our activities are mostly at the campus of Hervanta.

What is circus as a hobby? For us it means any kind of circus-related art forms, that make you move. TaTSi's members have been practising the following art forms, among others:

If your own circus-related hobby is not listed here, don't worry. Any kind of object manipulators or acrobats are welcome to our club. We also welcome everyone to try out this wonderful hobby.

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